Why we are here? On this earth, in this country, at this particular place, why not somewhere else? Why is this physical appearance? Why in this family? Why around these people? Why we possess anger, hate, guilt, jealousy, insecurities and so? Why we cry? Why in these million faces we all chose “the one” for […]

Pure form of love named soul

By physical structure they call me girl. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s sister. Someone’s bestfriend. Someone’s would be girlfriend. Someone’s ex. Someone’s crush. Someone’s would be wife. Someone’s would be daughter-in-law. Someone’s would be sister-in-law. Someone’s “The one I cannot have”. Someone’s…leave =)  I.  I am a soul. Covered with flesh, blood and bones. I am neither […]

A Nightmare or A Dream 

This night is not gonna stay forever! This fleeting moment will disappear soon. The charm of being in love touched me like nothing else in this universe. The love for those eyes in which I used to find myself! The love for those words in which I lost myself many times! Oh my goodness, that […]